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The Axum Hotel is a luxury, high-rise hotel located in the heart of Mek'ele. It is owned by a hotel of the same name in Addis Abba, Ethiopia's capital. The Axum has a cavernous central atrium and 60 large, carpeted rooms and suites, all with bath and shower, satellite TV and telephone. It offers full banquet and conference facilities for up to 500 people, along with audio/visual equipment. Guests can take advantage of the gymnasium, sauna and steam bath, a restaurant offering international cuisine, a 24-hour bar and an Internet cafe and sundry shop. In the city center, visitors will be able to stroll along the wide, tree-lined avenues and try the restaurants specializing in traditional food.

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Gheralta Lodge

In the heart of Tigrai, the northern region of Ethiopia, lies a special accommodation structure: the Gheralta Lodge near Hawzen town.

Gheralta area, with its unique chain of mountains, is the home of the rock churches, some famous for their architecture, ancient paintings and manuscripts and others known for their magnificent view.

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